Zippo Script Collectible Armor Rose Gold

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  • Special individually numbered collectible
  • Made in the USA
  • Lifetime warranty

Commemorating 75 years since this stylized logo was adapted for widespread use, the Zippo Script Logo Collectible replicates the iconic design with luxurious Deep Carve engraving, which appears on both sides of the stunning Armor® Rose Gold case. This luxurious keepsake is consecutively numbered, features a first-ever Rose Gold insert and is authenticated with a vintage-inspired bottom stamp.  Zippo lighters are above all, reliable and built to last. They are windproof, sturdy, durable and an American Classic. They are the perfect emergency or outdoor lighter since the Zippo lights through thick and thin and wet and wind. Easy to use, refill and maintain, your Zippo will last a lifetime and always work when you need a light. All Zippo lighters are sold without fuel. For fuel and other accessories to compliment your Zippo, check out our range of Zippo Accessories