Zippo Blu2 Sailing Ship Collector's Lighter

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What we believe to be possibly the last brand new Blu2 lighter commercially available in the world, this is a true collector's piece.  30211 'Welcome Aboard' lighter. Flawless satin finish, with beautiful Ship design. Completely untouched from Factory with seals on rear and bottom of lighter and factory barcode all untouched. Absolutely perfect condition, not even a single mark on the box!

No longer available, the Blu2 series of butane lighters were only manufactured by Zippo between 2007 and 2016. BLU2 is the next generation of the BLU premium butane lighter. More reliable than ever, new high-precision technology sparks a flawless butane flame, light after light. The restyled case echoes the unforgettable look and sound of a classic Zippo windproof lighter, with a gently curving lid line distinctive to BLU2. Made in the USA, the wind-resistant BLU2 is unmatched in delivering a clean-burning, hot flame every time.