Zippo Yellow Flame Butane Insert

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  • Genuine Zippo single yellow flame Insert
  • Classic Zippo wheel ignition
  • Adjustable blue flame height
  • Refillable with butane fuel
  • 0.9g fuel capacity
  • Fits all regular Zippo lighter cases - does not fit Slim or 1935 Replica cases
  • Insert retains the famous Zippo "click" sound

Get the best of both worlds with a Genuine Zippo modern butane insert for your classic Zippo!  Zippo's yellow flame butane insert is the perfect accessory for any classic Zippo lighter case. The refillable butane insert stays true to Zippo's roots in form and function and produces an odorless yellow flame. Zippo's new lighter insert collection, including this single flame option, is designed to perfectly fit any regular Zippo lighter case. Use or purchase a lighter case that is unique to your individual style. Note: This insert comes unfilled. 2 year warranty. Inserts are sold separately without lighter case.