Zippo 2021 Collectible of the Year

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  • Rare, US version, limited to 5,000 pieces worldwide
  • Limited edition 2021 collectible
  • Stunning wrap-around MultiCut process with laser engraving
  • Individually numbered

Zippo celebrates 100 years of Art deco with the 2021 Collectible of the Year. The Art Deco design movement blossomed in the United States during the Roaring Twenties as the perfect architectural complement to the bold and lavish era. The inventor of the Zippo Windproof Lighter, George G. Blaisdell, was heavily influenced by Art Deco when he created the Zippo lighter and designed the earliest decorated lighters with clean, elegant geometric patterns that added another layer of sophistication to the shiny chrome finish. The 2021 Collectible of the Year pays homage to the beauty and splendor of Art Deco by combining multiple cutting-edge processes, classic elements, and a sparkling embellishment available exclusively for the Americas. The High Polish Black Classic Windproof Lighter is transformed into an Art Deco masterpiece by 360° Laser Engraving and selective gold plating. The crown jewel of each lighter is the kite-shaped crystal emblem, chosen exclusively for the Americas version of the collectible. Each lighter is consecutively numbered and features the special bottom stamp that denotes it as a Zippo Collectible. For fuel and other accessories to compliment your Zippo, check out our range of Zippo Accessories