Zippo Blu2 Fleetwood 22kt. Gold Butane Lighter

Zippo Blu2 Fleetwood 22kt. Gold Butane Lighter
Brand: Zippo
Product Code: 30209
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  • 22kt. gold plated bottom with a rhodium plated lid
  • Very rare, no longer manufactured
  • The best of the best!

One of the last few left available in the world, this is a true collector's piece. No longer manufactured by Zippo due to escalating production costs, the Blu lighters were only made by Zippo between 2007 and 2015 and this one is the best of them all! Zippo designers join a 22kt. gold plated bottom with a rhodium plated lid for the stunning Zippo Fleetwood BLU2 refillable butane lighter. The ultimate combination of high class and high tech, this is the best of the best in modern lighters.

BLU2 high-precision technology sparks a flawless butane flame, light after light. The restyled case echoes the unforgettable look and sound of a classic Zippo windproof lighter, with a gently curving lid line distinctive to BLU2. Made in the USA, the wind-resistant BLU2 is unmatched in delivering a clean-burning, hot flame every time. All Zippo lighters are sold without fuel. Due to hazard restrictions, Johnny Blade cannot ship butane gas refills. We recommmed Ventti universal gas refill for a cost effective filling solution that is freely available in Australia. Ventti is available for between $3 to $6 for a 300ml can from your local supermarket, tobacconist, or hardware store. Zippo butane fuel is also available from selected tobacconists.

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