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These are Johnny's favourite picks from our extensive selection of Zippo lighters

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Zippo 2016 Limited Edition Collectible
Limited edition 2016 collectible Individually numbered, production strictly limited Beautiful..
$189.00 $139.95
Zippo Luxury Antique Brass Steampunk Lighter
2016 Zippo Choice catalog - Exclusive Z Luxury range Antique Brass Armor thick-wall case, with ..
$189.95 $149.95
Zippo Luxury Gold Plated Chinese Dragon
2016 Zippo Choice catalog - Exclusive Z Luxury range Gold-plated Armor thick-wall case, with st..
$229.95 $199.95
Zippo Armor Harley Davidson Lighter
New to 2016 Zippo catalog Armor thick-wall case in Black Ice finish with Harley Davidson d..
$129.95 $99.95
Zippo Firebreathing Dragon Lighter
Incredible Armor thick-walled brushed chrome Zippo with Firebreathing Dragon design P..
$99.95 $89.95
Zippo 2013 Limited Edition Collectible Lighter
Limited edition 2013 collectible Individually numbered Beautifully crafted 1935 replica ..
$149.95 $99.95
Zippo Premium Armor™ Black Ice Jack Daniels Lighter
Incredible Zippo Armor™ lighter with Black Ice finish and deep engraved Jack Daniels design Arm..
$159.95 $99.95
Zippo Sterling Silver Armor™ High Polish Lighter
Solid sterling silver Armor™ case Armor™ case is 1.5 times thicker than a standard sterlin..
$499.00 $349.95
Zippo High Polished Chrome Sunglasses Lighter
Classic Zippo lighter with a high polish chrome finish Striking, high quality enamel image Pa..
$59.95 $49.95
Zippo High Polish Brass Venetian
Space for engraving of name or initials Classic Zippo lighter with a polished brass and engrave..
$75.95 $59.95
Zippo Royal Griffin Lighter
Fantastic Zippo lighter with black matte finish and laser engraved coat of arms de..
$59.95 $47.95
Zippo Custom Black & Silver Dragon Lighter
Made in America, then beautifully customised by Japanese craftsmen Beautiful, black finish..
$249.00 $199.00
Zippo 1935 Replica Lighter
Beautiful authentic Zippo 1935 replica Packaged in a gift box All metal construction; windpro..
$64.95 $49.95
Zippo Unparalleled Tradition
Beautiful Ebony finish with laser engraved design Packaged in a gift box All metal constructi..
$64.95 $44.95
Zippo Mustache and Hat Lighter
Awesome Zippo lighter with brushed chrome finish and mustache and hat design Packaged in a..
$49.95 $39.95
Zippo Realtree Max 1 Camouflage Lighter
Awesome Zippo lighter finished with Max 1 Realtree® High Definition® camouflage Packaged in a g..
$59.95 $49.95
Zippo Slim Spectrum Lighter
Beautiful slim Spectrum model Zippo Packaged in a gift box All metal construction; windp..
$64.95 $54.95
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